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Walking in the Truth in the Dominican Tradition with
Respect – Whakaute, Humanity – Ira Tangata, Justice – Manatiki



Our School Charism and History

Founded by the Dominican sisters, Sacred Heart School held its first classes in late 1895 at Sacred Heart

Church. It took 10 years for the school to have its own buildings, just a stone’s throw along North Rd, on its

present day site.

In 1871 a group of ten Dominican Sisters from Dublin Ireland, with the support of Bishop Moran, Dunedin’s

first Bishop, arrived in Dunedin. The Sisters set to work establishing schools. We still have strong connections

to our Dominican family as many of the Sister’s live locally. We are proud to be a Dominican school.

The Dominican charism is based on truth, learning, discovery,

thinking, excellence, prayer, community and service or mission.

We live by the Domincan motto of “Veritas” – meaning truth.

The Dominican pillars of prayer, learning, community and service

are evident in our school and our learning. 

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Sacramental Programme

Every second year we prepare our Year 3/4 children for the Sacramental Programme.  

The children are jointly prepared for each Sacrament by parish, school and parents.  At present the programme is run in Term One, Three and Four of even years.

The programme involves three of the seven Sacraments.  We also offer a Baptismal programme for children who have not yet been baptised.

  • Reconciliation – forgiveness

  • Confirmation – reconfirming their baptism

  • First Communion


If you wish to find out more about any of these Sacraments (including Baptism)

please do not hesitate to contact Father Aidan Cunningham of Sacred Heart Parish. 



Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care includes the care of students, staff, the Board of Trustees, families and the members of the school community. It emanates from the attitudes, spirituality, philosophy and personality of all the adults in the school. 

Through this team (our PFA), we are able to identify and help those in our community who are experiencing hard times or who are in need of a caring hand, listening ear, prayers or practical help.


How we can do our bit…

  • Showing friendship to new families and new students 

  • Giving practical help by offering rides, providing meals, baking

  • Being a listener to those in need 

  • Praying for others 

  • Acknowledging births, marriages, sickness, and loss of a loved one.

  • Support of families who may need some financial assistance.

  • Year 4 to 6 students are involved in a Young Vinnies group who focus

         on different social justice project


“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world”    – Desmond Tutu

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